It’s Media Report Card Time!

Yesterday I was reading an article from MarketingCharts.com so you don’t have to, no, really I do enjoy looking at this kind of stuff and pulling out some of the highlights. It relates to an upcoming podcast episode and article I wrote that will be debuting in a couple days, too. Here’s the highlights: We […]


Is Traditional Media Dead?

So really…Is Traditional Media Dead? I’m going to look at this subject from a marketers perspective.  And a consumers viewpoint. And focus on just one piece of the traditional media, daily newspapers. Lots of businesses rely on traditional media and advertising options that have been the mainstay for decades.  Radio, television, yellow pages, magazines and […]


Is Mass Media Dead or Thriving?

It’s a fascinating discussion when I ask people about their media habits in 2016. A lot has changed over the years with more options than ever and sometimes people ask me a variation of this question,  Is Mass Media Dead or Thriving? It is actually thriving but in ways different than before. Mass Media by […]


The Talk Radio Advantage for Advertisers on WOWO

WOWO radio is the radio station I work for, doing advertising and marketing consulting, helping business people make smart advertising and marketing decisions, and selling advertising solutions on WOWO and with our digital options. But this is not about me, or WOWO directly.  It is about the talk radio advantage for advertisers. This is a […]


Newspaper Losses Continue

Since 2007 major newspaper publishers have been suffering declines in both readership and revenue.  That’s according to this article, which is filled with lots of depressing numbers for those in the print biz. The decline has actual been going on longer than 8 years.  We get our news from the web and apps and other […]