The Right Price

You can now listen to these articles on the Genuine ScLoHo Media and Marketing Podcast!  This is episode 3. How much money should a new car cost? How much money would you pay for a bag of potato chips? What is the right price for a radio commercial? The last time we talked, I urged […]


Are You Trusted?

You can now LISTEN to these articles on the ScLoHo Media & Marketing Podcast!  Here’s a link to this weeks episode. In the beginning,  I mean very beginning, some say thousands of years, others claim millions of years, depending on your belief system about the origins of mankind, there was a certain element of the […]


What’s a ScLoHo?

At the end of 2016, I was preparing to launch a podcast version of the weekly articles I have been writing and  publishing on The Genuine ScLoHo website and this is the very first episode that you can also listen to. Here’s the link to this episode.   Now that we have all the details taken […]


It’s Not WHO YOU Know, It’s Who KNOWS YOU

The last few months I’ve noticed something that may have been going on longer than just the last few months. Here’s that something: The number of people who know me and see me face to face in “unplanned meets” has become substantial. Let me define “unplanned meets“. I fill my week with planned meetings such […]


The Mystery of Love and Other Relationships

Sunday morning, the sun is shining through the coffee shop window and the usual suspects are here, including me. There are the families with little ones that are learning to walk and talk. The gang that racks their brain over the crossword puzzle in the paper. The older guys talking politics, not just national stuff […]