Insight on WOWO Radio Listeners

A couple of tidbits of information that applies to the listeners of my radio station, WOWO, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. For the past 20 years WOWO has been a news/talk radio station, (out of 90+ years on the air.) Last month we received results from the rating service we subscribe to and again WOWO dominates […]


It’s Over and You Are Okay

2016 is in the history books.  GONE.  Forever. No matter what you did, it’s done. No matter what someone else did or any of us did in 2016… It’s time to look forward. Face it. Some people are scared out of their minds as they look to the future. Have empathy. Others have gone through […]


First Step in the ScLoHo Advertising Process: Who Are YOU?

Today, I’m going to start to share how I work with: The First Step in the ScLoHo Advertising Process: Who Are YOU? The concept of one size fits all is a big fat lie. Adjustments have to be made to accommodate the individual. This is true in most things in life including your advertising and […]


Do You Trust Your People?

#6 on our list of 17 Ways To Increase Your Business Profitability says: Promote Employees To The Level Of Their Competency.   Some people have a hard time with this because they don’t fully trust their employees to do the right thing.  After all, the definition of Competence is: the ability to do something successfully. Here’s an example: […]


How to Deal with Media Fragmentation

An advertising post today.  On a topic that I hear from potential advertising partners.  The concept is Media Fragmentation. First let’s define it. 40 years ago, there were fewer media options for us as consumers. The same with businesses and advertising options.  A business in Fort Wayne had  2 newspapers, a phone book 3 or […]