A little over 30 years ago I gave my parents the gift of an empty nest.

As an only child off on my own, working my first fulltime job as a radio disc jockey, and living what seemed like far, far away, they finally could do whatever they wanted.

No kid responsibilities for them, freedom for the parents for me. I thought I was getting my freedom, but they were too.

Except now that we are empty nesters ourselves, I have noticed, life is not as carefree and concern free as I thought it would be as an empty nester.

My wife and I are still working, even switching jobs, something my Dad did too a couple times after I left home.

We have more kids than my parents did, 5 between the two of us, and now most are married or have kids or both.  Some live nearby, others are 12 hours away.  We also have additional family with some of my wife’s siblings now living in town.

I pray daily for my family, talk to them via texting, Facebook and Twitter.  We are probably more communicative with each other than I was with my parents at this age.

Grandchildren are coming fast and furious, we see pictures and videos of first steps, and other first events.

What ever life stage you are in, live it your way.  Find your self and get comfortable with who you are.

We are not our parents, nor are we our kids.  We are us, the 2013 version.