Here in the United States it’s back to school season, so I thought it would be a good time to provide a little education on why advertising is actually good for us.

First off, I agree with most of you that there are some pretty annoying and terrible advertisements out there.   I could point to the political ads as the lowest of the bunch but let’s just agree and move forward.

Advertising is simply an attempt for a business to invite you to spend money with them.

The business may use incentives in their ads, such as the sales we have seen for back to school shopping.  Or they may simply be branding ads that are to remind us of them so when we have a need, they are top of mind and we check them out first.NASCAR-stickers

Actually we live in an ad-supported world.  NASCAR would not survive if there was no sponsorship dollars because the cost of the sport would have to be paid by the fans and ticket prices would be so high, the sport would die.

How about the online world?  The ads we see on our favorite websites or posted next to the stories we read are supplementing the cost of those websites.  Same thing with your “free email account”.  It’s more than just data collection, it’s also a way to improve your online experience.

As data is collected about us from our online habits and the information we give voluntarily on sites like Facebook, the reward for you and I is we are served ads for items that we are interested in.  The ads my son sees when he is online are different from the ads I see.

Try this experiment with a friend.  

Both of you visit the same page on a website on your own computers at the same time.  Odds are there will be different ads customized for each of you based on the information that “Big Data” knows about each of you.

By the way, if you are reading this and have a business, I can show you how to target online your potential customers anywhere.  It’s a pretty cool trick, and actually more than a trick, it’s an extremely useful way to spend your money to invite customers.  It’s part of the Good Side of Advertising.

Contact me and let’s talk.