A few years ago a friend of mine who was a website designer said to keep an eye out on mobile.

I recall the conversation because it struck me as odd since this guy had difficulty designing websites that would render correctly in Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.

He was a marginal website guy, but he knew what to keep an eye out for.


Mobile is NOT a fluke.

With the growth of Social Media services and the blending of websites with social, here are some tips from MarketingProfs.com:


Four Tips for Mobile SEO

“Despite some predictions that mobile SEO will be of negligible importance, mobile search has grown 5x in the past 5 years—far outpacing PC searches—and the growth is only set to continue with the rapid uptick in smartphone sales,” writes Lior Levin in a guest post at HubSpot.

That means if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to develop a unique SEO strategy for customers out there who search for content with iPhones and Androids—and all things mobile.

To help you optimize your efforts, Levin offers pointers like these:

Create mobile-formatted content. That is an obvious suggestion, Levin allows, but one that is still worth making. If you choose not to format for mobile users, your content will hold less on-the-go appeal, and Google might take unfavorable notice.

Research keywords for mobile searches. When people search with a smartphone, they often use different keywords than they would use at a desktop. For help choosing better keywords for mobile searchers, Levin suggests you use the “Advanced Options and Filters” link at the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Choose “All mobile devices” under the “Show Ideas and Statistics for” option.

Optimize for predictive text. Mobile visitors are far more dependent on predictive text than their desk-bound counterparts—so structure your keywords in a way that anticipates common predictive phrases.

Avoid anything that interferes with viewability. Levin issues a specific warning against the use of Flash and large images. “You’re best off building your mobile site in HTML5, keeping your images a reasonable size, and shortening your ALT tags to ensure they display neatly,” he advises.

The Po!nt: Think small in a bigger way. While most rules for desktop SEO still apply to mobile SEO, a few key tweaks can keep your content at the top of smartphone search results.

Source: HubSpot.

And Mobile versions of websites is one of our areas of expertise at Cirrus ABS.  Contact me for an evaluation of your site.