Most businesses have cycles that are predictable but what is the reason for those ups and downs?

Is the pattern breakable?

Is it worth trying?

Granted, some businesses like the slow months, that’s when they take 3 day weekends, or vacations, but what if you could increase the revenue during those slow times?

Restaurants are typically slower on Monday and Tuesday and pick up as they get closer to the weekends and paydays. Is there something different you can create that your customers and clients will pay you for during the slow times?

By the way, I was talking with an advertising partner of mine that has some business cycles that are out of her control.  Her business deals with precious metals and like other financial oriented markets, she can’t predict the prices 6 months from now.  So she has added other items to their inventory that she can control the price of.

How about you?

Take a realistic look at the business cycles in your business and determine which are in your control and which are not.  Then consider ways to change that.  It may be by changing habits or by adding something to your business.

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