1st off, a very Happy Birthday to my daughter Rachael who is entering her final year of her 20’s today.

Funny thing is I remember thinking at the time that my wife and I had completed what my parents did.

See I was an only child, so I thought we were done.

However we were blessed with 2 more children and we were outnumbered.

There’s an old saying, “1st comes love, then marriage.  Then comes  __________ pushing a baby carriage.”

I recall it as a 4th grade taunt because some of my classmates found out a liked a girl named Sarah.

That nursery rhyme came to mind again the past couple of year ago.

3 weddings and 3 births  with more on the way.

The weddings actually began 6 years ago when my youngest, Tiffany was 20, but let’s fast forward to 10/10/10.

That was the date my son Josh married Madeline.


That was the date my oldest, Rachael married Brandon. Memorial Day weekend.


The last of the 3 weddings in less than a year in my family was Abby, my step-daughter and her husband Jeff.

For Kathy (my wife) and I, 4 of 5 of our kids have entered thru the LOVE and MARRIAGE steps.

Does that mean baby carriages are next?

Looks like it.

And these two events have begun to overlap.

Go back to 5/28/11.  Along with my daughter Rachael’s wedding that evening, we had a big event around 8 in the morning.

5/28/11 is the birthday of my first grandson, Calvin born to Tiff and Jon after nearly 5 years of marriage.

2/13/12 is the birthday of my first granddaughter Nora born to Rachael and Brandon.

8/9/12 is the birthday of my second granddaughter Emma, to Tiff and Jon.  If Emma would have waited 4 more days she would have been born on Abby’s wedding anniversary.

Speaking of which, Abby and Jeff are expecting their 1st child in February!  I’m hoping for 2/13 the same date as Nora’s birthday.