I’ve noticed a trend the past couple of years, sort of a backlash as the Christmas pendulum swings back towards actually calling today and tomorrow Christmas Eve and Christmas.  The backlash was due to the politically correct or culturally sensitive not wanting to offend those who were not Christians and instead of saying, “Merry Christmas”, it was changed to “Happy Holidays”.

We saw it in the business world, the retail world, the marketing world and yet…

Christmas is real.

It is a recognized by our Federal Government and most State, County and City governments too.

So if it receives the stamp of approval by the government, does that make it real?

Not really, but it might help.

Is Christmas a secular or religious holiday?

A bit of both really.

Do your research and you’ll find plenty of secular or pagan traditions that have become part of a Christian Christmas.

But that doesn’t discount or lessen the reality of Christmas.

By the way there are plenty of biblical scholars that dispute the common notion that December 25th was really the day Jesus was born.  Some say he was born in August.  I say who cares.

Kathy and I adopted our cat Napoleon about 9 years ago from the animal shelter.  We have no idea exactly how old he is, because we don’t know his exact birthday either.

Is this cat real? Yes.

Is Christmas/Jesus Christ/Christianity also real?  Yes again.

And while this is an incomplete and imperfect explanation and comparison, I’m going to leave it at that for today. Tomorrow I’ll get a bit more personal and share my own journey of faith right here online.

Right now I’ve got to finish up preparing for our family Christmas gathering this afternoon.


Merry Christmas.