Human Beings.

You are one, and so am I.


As we move forward into the future, 24 hours at a time, please remember, It’s all about relationships.

As I write about marketing and advertising, remember that the key to success is about human relationships.  Everything else in the marketing and advertising world is going to serve to enhance or detract from those relationships.

There are no secret algorithms or formulas that can overcome or bypass this relationship principle.

Because ultimately the decisions that are made are made by people.  Like You. Like Me.

As I dig deep into how marketing works and how to construct an ad campaign and a whole host of related subjects this year, remember the timeless principle, It’s all about relationships.

You as a consumer want to feel good, even when something bad is happening (car trouble,  illness, etc.) You don’t want to talk to a jerk or insensitive smart ass, you want someone who will tell you the truth with empathy and compassion.

You as a consumer want to feel good when something good is happening too (vacation, buying a new car, getting a tattoo). You want to deal with someone who will keep you in good spirits, not dampen the mood.

As you make advertising and marketing decisions this year, remember how you want to be treated and communicated with.

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