I’m guessing that only about 25% of the people reading this today know what a QR code is.

I’ve talked about them in the past and you can see the articles by going here.

What was an up and coming bit of technology is now falling out of favor, it seems.

On a recent Sunday, I was paging through the printed version of the newspaper and found a grand total of TWO QR codes.

One was for a shoe store, the other was for a car dealership.

The shoe store code was a fail, because the link went to their regular webpage which wasn’t mobile friendly.

The car dealership ad said to scan their QR code and Like their Facebook page.  This works…sort of.

The code went to something that was mobile friendly, but I have no reason to Like their Facebook page.

The most ironic ad I saw in the paper was this:

Why isn't there a QR Code?

Why isn’t there a QR Code?