4 or 5 years ago, I began an ambitious project as part of the blogging I was doing.

I was posting a Fort Wayne Site of the Day.


7 days a week.

Over 300 per year.

It was my way of spreading the word within the online community about the web world in my local community in Northeast Indiana.

I did this for several years and my goal was to never repeat a website more than once per year.

In 2011, I took a job where my new employer told me that as a condition of my employment, I could no longer promote a Fort Wayne Site of the Day.  He thought it might be a conflict of interest, even though this was was completely independent of the work I was doing and ai never received any compensation for promoting the Fort Wayne online community.

Reluctantly I agreed to his terms and had a friend take over on a different website.

Now it’s time to do it again.

But instead of daily site, I’ll do a Fort Wayne Site of the Week.

It will be nothing fancy.  Just an image and a link.  It will appear Wednesdays at 9am local time.

Actually what I am doing first is going though the archives of old sites I featured years ago and have scheduled some of them for the next couple of weeks.

If you want to suggest a local Fort Wayne area website, drop me a note to Scott@ScLoHo.net.