The one that works for you.


Oh sure, there are hundreds of reasons why you should do this or that.

But when I offer a potential client a proposal for their online marketing, I give them choices.

Sometimes the difference between choice a and choice c is 20 thousand dollars or more.

(Choice b is in between a and c).

But my job is to offer the very best solution based on the current state of the web for each client.

That’s choice a.

The very minimum I believe they should do if we work with them is choice c.

The middle choice is a little of this and a little of that.

I know and believe that the team that supports the proposals I produce are amoung the best around.

They are better than most.

They know their stuff.

But back to the beginning.

The Very Best Web Strategy Is The One That Works For You.

And that’s the way I roll when I talk to you about your online marketing needs.

Contact me for a totally upfront and honest approach instead of a sales pitch.