Trust. It’s what makes the world go ’round.

Trust is important in all of our relationships and business transactions.

When we spend decide to spend money, we do it because we trust the value in what we are buying.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a $5 cup of coffee or a $75 dinner out on the town, we trust the people to serve us food and drink that it’s what we expect.

What does trust have to do with advertising on WOWO radio in Fort Wayne?

I have a not-so-secret tool in my advertising solution toolbox that helps your business earn trust.

Endorsement ads with Pat Miller, Charly Butcher, Rick Wolf or any of our news hosts.

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Here’s how they work:

Last time I mentioned we have 97 one minute commercial slots each weekday during primetime available.  Out of those 97, WOWO has a very limited number reserved for live endorsement ads.  Just a few each hour between 5am and 9am and between 3pm and 6pm.

These are the most powerful 60 second ads on WOWO. For years, before I joined WOWO, these where the Gold-Standard for the very best type of advertisement your business could have on WOWO, because of the trust factor.

Here’s why they work:

I’ll use Charly Butcher as an example. Charly has been a radio personality in Fort Wayne for over 30 years.  13 years ago Charly moved from doing mornings on our sister station, music based WMEE, to host Fort Wayne’s Morning News on WOWO.  Charly Butcher is a well known radio personality in Fort Wayne.

When Charly is interviewing the Mayor, the Governor, or one of our Indiana U.S. Senators or Congressmen, he is trusted and credible. When Charly and his morning news team are keeping us up to date on news, sports, traffic and weather, he is trusted too.  That trust factor carries over to the advertising partners he endorses.

Live endorsement ads carry the full power of WOWO plus the added endorsement power of the WOWO personality.  When Charly mentions Wicks Sugar Cream Pie, people know that they are good.  When Pat Miller mentions Doc Dancer Heating, Cooling and Generators, people know they can trust Doc Dancer.  When Rick Wolf mentions the specials at Milan Center Feed and Grain, people know the value because they trust Rick, Pat and Charly.

One other thing we do to protect the credibility advertisers receive when signing up for endorsement ads on WOWO: Exclusivity.

First off, we on the WOWO advertising sales team do our homework to find companies that are honesty and trustworthy.  But the radio personality gets the final say on whether or not, he (or she) will endorse each company.  Each radio personality will only endorse one company per business category.

A couple of footnotes before wrapping this up today.

We have both live and recorded 60 second endorsement ads. The recorded versions are usually used when Pat or Charly take time off and they can also be used at other times, contact me for details.

60 second endorsement ads are more expensive than a standard 60 second ad on WOWO. The premium price is well worth it, I’ve been amazed at the success stories from our advertising partners who tell us about the returns on their investments in this type of advertising.

Contact me if you would like more information and next time I’ll share another recipe for successful advertising with WOWO I created a few years ago.