From a series of conversations one day last week that involved each of those topics.

File this under future blog posts.

Coffee Shops.  I know where most of the local coffee shops are and there are a few that I visit regularly.  This is due to not having a home office at the moment and not needing to work out of the radio station offices every day.  I’ll write more about the local coffee shop scene later this summer.

Salespeople.  Our company is needing salespeople to represent our radio stations.  I really don’t like the stereotypical salesperson.  So I strive not to be one.  Again, more to come in a future article I need to write.

Family.  This is where my heart is. I am amazed by all of them.  My wife Kathy, whom I met in 2000 online and we wed a year later.  Each of my kids, who have married and are on their own. Plus I have a stepson and a stepdaughter who are on their own with kids, etc. I’m amazed at some of the dumb stuff too, which happens when you have so many people that you’re related to.  I’ll cautiously write more about this too in the future.

Anyway I’m sort of busy today. This is the day we are supposed to be signing papers to move which I’ll fit in between my work related meetings.  Again, another blog post or two in the works on this topic.

Have a fantastic final few days of May!