I subscribe to an email that lists current and past events in Indiana Radio.

Monday’s email mentioned two events that had a profound impact on my life.

August 23, 1976: Fort Wayne Radio Station WLHI signs on the air at 88.3 FM

August 24, 1970: Fort Wayne Radio Station WCMX signs on the air at 101.7 FM

Okay, here’s the deal.  In 1976 WLHI was the high school radio station that gave me my start in the radio business.  It was a 10 watt station owned and operated by Concordia Lutheran High School.  Namely me and a bunch of other students under the supervision of Ray Huebschman.  Today it is WLAB, with a much more powerful signal and has other frequencies in their network.

A couple months after the launch of WLHI, I was hired, along with another student to work at WCMX which was now 6 years old.  It was my first radio paycheck.

From those early days as a skinny 16 year old I launched a radio career that continued until earlier this year with a couple of breaks along the way.  Ironically, the last radio station I worked for was Fort Wayne’s 101.7 FM, now known as WLDE.

Half the time I was on the air, the other half in management and advertising.

Other stations I worked for include WBAT, WIOU, WMEE, WZWZ, WXIR, WMUZ, WFWI, WBTU, WGL, WNHT, & WXKE plus a couple others.