Continuing our series on Timeless Marketing Rules:


Behind any financial transaction there is a level of Trust.ScloHobook1

Take food for a second.

Pay $1.00 for a burger off the dollar menu and you expect a dollar burger.

Drop $50 or $75 for a dinner and you expect a Fifty or Seventy Five dollar meal.

It’s not the price, but the value.

It’s not even the value as much as you trust that you are going to get what you pay for.

Another example, this time a service.

You pay to get your cars oil changed and you trust that they are going to do it correctly.  You know, drain out all the old oil, replace the filter and refill the crankcase with the proper amount of oil for your car.

If you pay for extras, like checking and topping all the other fluids, you trust them to perform the work that you paid for.

We are a trusting bunch aren’t we?

But if we feel messed over, all that trust is gone.

A friend of mine went to a fast food place 5 years ago and the sandwich he was served was cold.  Not just a little cold.  Ice cold.  He’s never gone back and he still tells the story of how that fast food joint gave him an ice cold sandwich.  He doesn’t trust them anymore despite the fact he bought food from the same place for 10 years before.

Trust, it’s not just important in our personal relationships.

Trust is essential to staying in business.

Your advertising needs to be trustworthy.

Your marketing needs to be truthful.

You will live or die on whether or not you and your business is trusted.

Trust is a timeless marketing rule.  Trust me.