Last week I was part of the Social Marketing Breakfast of Fort Wayne panel and mentioned something I didn’t cover in this article.

The life of a tweet is shorter than a fruitfly.  If you have a piece of evergreen content, it’s okay to Tweet it more than once.

The example I used at #SMBFW was an infographic that was timeless and here’s what I told the group…

It’s okay, and recommended to share content more than once and to schedule it.  However use an unpredictable schedule.  I have a tweet that I scheduled to be posted every 23 days and 14 hours.  Weird? Yes. Unpredictable? Yes, unless you knew my “secret sauce”.

Why 23 days and 14 hours?

Staggering the time it would appear.  21 days = 3 weeks.  Add a couple of days so it doesn’t fall on the same day of the week as the last time it was posted.  Same principle with the 14 hours instead of 12 or 24.

For more ideas from others including my 2 co-panelists,  Search the #SMBFW Hashtag on Twitter.  No Foolin’