Last week at WOWO radio, I was given a couple of assignments.

Both are for the same thing but the approaches were almost opposite.

The first assignment was to help an out of town advertising agency that wanted a proposal for advertising for a Fort Wayne client for 2016.

The second assignment is also to help a company plan for 2016 but instead of working with an advertising agency, I will be working directly with the company.

The advertising agency requested a minimum of 500 GRPS (proununced “grips”), and will look formula_for_successat CPP and CPM plus they wanted to know the AQH Ratings, Hour by Hour.  Also a Ranker of A35-64 6a-7p Mo-Sun from Spring 2015.    And a bunch of other gobbley gook.  The reason I was given this assignment is because I know the local owner.  But there is a much simpler way to buy advertising.

Which takes me to the second assignment.  I am going to meet with the office manager who originally contacted us and the owner of the company when he returns from his Florida vacation.  We’ll talk for about 90 minutes as I gather information about them.  I’ll do some research before my meeting and more research after that initial meeting.

About a week later, we’ll meet again and I’ll probably have a proposal for them based on their needs and goals.  If it involves using WOWO Radio, then I’ll recommend what radio programs to use.  We won’t talk about GRPS, CPP, CPM or AQH.

Those initial terms are mathematical equations that a software program on my computer can spit out that are supposed to help media buyers decide how and where to place their radio ads and television ads.  But it’s kind of bullshity.

I’m not going to go into why it’s kind of bullshity, or even how those numbers are created and what they mean. The better way is for us to find out what you need, what your “Key Marketing Challenges” are and then I can create and recommend a program based on matching what your business needs with what I can offer with WOWO and our digital solutions.

Tomorrow, I’ll review the simple way to buy radio advertising that isn’t bullshity.