I’m just going to toss out a few items and you can fact check them if you want because I’m not going to hyperlink the sources, there’s too many and I’m sort of busy these days.

I want you to answer a question… that question is what are you doing differently?

If you are using the same media mix to advertise that you were using in 2013, you need to re-evaluate. Some of the media platforms you’ve been using have lost viewers/readers/listeners.  Other media platforms that were just getting started back then have become worthy of consideration.

Think about that pocket computer known as your phone.  Every 18 months the technology capabilities of our computers doubles. The phone you got for Christmas, 2014 is old, broken, out of date, or you’ve already replaced it.DeathtoStock_SlowDown2

As I was writing this piece last week, I was using 3 screens.  My laptop, my phone and I was watching America’s Got Talent on the flat screen in our family room.

A few days ago I was watching a TV show on Amazon Prime, streamed from my laptop to another TV via my Chromecast.

Every day I hop in my car and listen to at least 4 different radio stations.  Besides listening as I drive, I sometimes hear a radio station when I stop to pick up my breakfast and I also sometime listen to the streaming of my favorite stations by plugging earbuds into my laptop as I have my afternoon coffee.

I don’t remember the last time I bought the local newspaper, or any newspaper for that matter.  I have read stories from the papers, but it’s because I get a link on Twitter or Facebook that captures my attention and I click and read.

Those are some of the media habits I live every week in the summer of 2016.  Some I’ve been doing for years, others for just months.

What about you?  What is different about your media habits compared to a few years ago?

Your customers have changed some of their media habits over the years too.  My question for you is have you changed your media mix to take advantage of the changes that are going on all around us?

What are you doing differently?  If you want help figuring this out so your business can make money, contact me so we can talk.