I used to play a little game on Twitter, similar to the Carmen Sandiego, Matt Lauer, and Waldo games.

I would take a picture and post a link on Twitter and people would guess.  Last week I posted a couple of pictures from my new downtown office but I haven’t publicly said where I am.

The answer is Radio Stations WAJI and WLDE.

Last year I walked away from my position with Summit City Radio where I had been for more than 8 years and embarked on a new career with a local website development and digital marketing agency.

After about a year, I decided to return to the world of radio when a position opened up that was exactly what I was qualified for in radio advertising.

As always, the views and opinions I share here and everywhere online and in person are mine and not the people I work for.

The two radio stations I work are legendary and heritage stations.

WAJI first signed on the air in the 1959 and for a long time was known as ROCK 95 with the call letters WPTH. In 1985 they adopted the WAJI call letters and the name Majic 95 and have been broadcasting at 95.1 FM ever since.

WLDE’s history is not as well documented.  One source says the station signed on the air as WCMX at 101.7 in the summer of 1970. But by 1994 they adopted the WLDE call letters and evolved from an Oldies station to Fun 101.7 and play Classic Hits.

That’s 18 years for WLDE and an amazing 27 year history for WAJI.

I also have history with both of these radio stations.

As a high school student in the late 1970’s, my first paying radio job was with WCMX 101.7.  Later in life, I worked on the air on Majic 95 in 1999.  The studio for Majic is the same as it was when I was on the air 13 years ago except instead of playing music, jingles and commercials off of carts, (See what a cart is in radio), everything is now living in the digital age of computers.

I was adding up the number of years I have worked in the radio business, from my high school days thru 2011, full time and part time, on the air, in sales and in management and estimate that I’ve completed 24 years with a few breaks in between.  So this marks the beginning of my 25th year in radio.

I want you to be aware that when it comes to advertising on the radio, or anywhere in the Fort Wayne Indiana area, I can help.

I serve on the board of directors for the American Advertising Federation / Fort Wayne and have numerous connections dealing with almost anything you need to advertise or market your business, so use me.  Contact me before you agree to anything and I’ll be glad to give you an honest evaluation and suggestions for success.

Call 260-255-4357 (that’s 260-255-HELP) or send me an email at Scott@ScLoHo.net.

Twitter is my favorite social media channel https://twitter.com/ScLoHo and you can also reach out to me there.