Twitter is my preferred conversational social media platform.

I selected the words in that sentence very purposefully.

Twitter is a social media platform.  Compare it to Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, and even blogs; Twitter is a platform for social media.

What is Social Media?

Traditional Media is usually one way communication. Newspapers, TV, Radio, they all pretty much fit this mold.

Social Media opens us up to two-way communication.  That’s the social side.

The other big word I said was conversational.

Due to the 140 character limit that Twitter imposes, you have to speak in shorter phrases than Facebook. Those people who are frustrated by this limitation often have a hard time adapting to Twitter.  In Face to Face conversations, those people probably have a difficult time talking back and forth too, I’m guessing.

One last thing.

I said preferred.  Because I make myself available on other social media platforms too, you find links to them at the top of this website of mine.

And that’s why I Tweet.