Some businesses think so.

These businesses want to believe that they don’t need to invest in a regular website.

But let’s draw a line and make a clear distinction between Social Media and websites.

The line had become blurry at times.

Social Media is a platform that you do not own.

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube all clearly fit into this category.

If Facebook decided to make some changes, which they do over and over again, you have ZERO say in what they do.

If your only online presence is on Social Media, you are at the mercy of those who control the Social Media Platforms you are on.

The number of businesses that are using social media to reach consumers is now over 70% and will be 90% by the end of 2012 according to a survey I shared yesterday.

Which is fine and dandy, that is ADD Social Media to your online presence.

But REPLACE?  Please don’t.

Your business website should be the hub of your marketing efforts.  Social Media is one of the spokes.  Any other advertising and marketing efforts are more spokes that should point consumers back to your website as the source of reliable information for your business.


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