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3 Word of Mouth Tips for Retailers

August 28, 2015 Marketing and Advertising Insights 0

Today I’m wrapping up my week of articles from the ScLoHo 2008 archives with an email I received from  I have no idea if the company that owns this domain is the same that owned it 7 years ago, so I’m just going to keep all the legal stuff in at the bottom.

Word of Mouth for Retailers

Three great ways to get people to talk about your stuff:

1> Give them something to walk away with
2> Use a multiplier
3> Don’t forget to ask

1> Give them something to walk away with

Put something in their hands that will start a conversation–something they’ll literally hand to the next person they see. Think about the matchbooks that every restaurant used to give away. Put your name and logo on something for your customers to take and pass along.

2> Use a multiplier

Make it easy for your customers to talk to more than one person about you. Instead of giving them one sample or coupon–give them five. If you give someone five samples, they’ll look for five people to give them to.

3> Don’t forget to ask

Sometimes all you need to do is ask nicely. Tell your staff to end each sale by saying “Thank you – don’t forget to tell a friend!” or “we’d appreciate a review!” Do the same in your emailed receipts. You’ve got a ton of happy customers who would love to support you–they just need to be reminded (and know that you appreciate it).

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