I asked my Facebook  & Twitter friends what they thought of retail stores opening on Thanksgiving Day, and if they were planning on shopping that day or on Black Friday.

Most don’t like it.

Some admit to shopping on Black Friday.

Then a friend of mine piped in with another viewpoint.

Most of the workers will be earning holiday pay.  That means they could be earning double or triple their wages.

This year I have a 4 day weekend with Thanksgiving and Black Friday off along with the usual Saturday & Sunday off.

My job in social media requires me to post and monitor our social stuff 7 days a week.  The posting I can schedule ahead, so I have that covered on my days off. Just gotta keep an eye on what others are doing on our social sites and respond accordingly.

But there was a time when I was starting in the radio business when we needed a live body 24/7, and that’s how I got my start at a couple of big stations. Holidays and weekends were my time to be on the air.  Even as a full timer, we worked 6 live airshifts a week.

Some folks want to work the extra hours because it means extra money.  Others work the holidays because it is their professional duty.

To each his own.

Enjoy yours however it is spent.

One last thought.

I have 3 daughters who gave up their paying jobs to be full time moms.  They don’t get holiday pay or a day off.