It’s day 2 of the WOWO Radio Penny Pitch Radiothon. And it’s my birthday too. More on that in a second. PennyPitchLogo

Penny Pitch Inc. is a nonprofit, in connection with WOWO Radio, that raises funds for community service organizations serving Fort Wayne, Allen County, and Northeast Indiana, since 1948.  A big change this year is due to the generosity of Brigadoon Fitness, who is offering a dollar-for-dollar match.  This means when you give $50 bucks, Brigadoon will double your money and make it worth $100.

Last year, without the matching gifts, WOWO listeners gave over $130,000 during the 2 day radiothon.  The year before the total was over $80,000.  Digging back in time I saw that when I was a senior in high school they raised over $60,000 which was a record amount at the time.

This is a unique opportunity that you have to help. Any size pledge is welcome. Listen online at .

And if you were planning on a birthday gift for me, just give to Penny Pitch instead.