Somehow, someway, you are exceptional.

You have a unique combination of talent, skill, ability, attitude, experience and personality that no one else has.

Even if you were a twin or triplet, each of you are different.



Now take this to the business world.

After all, businesses are simply a combination of people organized to create and offer a product or service.

Despite the commonness that each and every Starbucks or Target, or Best Buy or ________ has, each is also exceptional, because each is filled with exceptional people, different from the other ________ stores.

It is this exceptional side that needs to be a central theme of your marketing efforts.

I can buy a diamond ring from a jeweler who hand crafts every piece he sells.

I can buy a diamond ring from a chain store like Jared or Kays that is part of an “exclusive” collection.

I can even buy a diamond ring from the clerk of the day at the Walmart jewelry counter. ¬†Lot’s of folks do. ¬†Walmart sells more retail diamonds than anyone in the world.

Your challenge is not to settle for advertising gimmicks that put you in a class of businesses that are just like everyone else.

Your challenge is to focus on what makes you exceptional…

Because you are exceptional.