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I am a marketing coach, marketing consultant and also a member of the advertising sales team of WOWO Radio and Federated Digital Solutions based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Every week I write, publish, record and podcast about Media, Marketing, Advertising and some occasional personal stories too.
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Marketing, Advertising and Media are my areas of expertise.
My passion is to help you and your business succeed.

Defining what success is for you is the first step.
Coming up with an advertising and/or marketing path to get there is next.

Besides the solutions I can sell, I'm also going to help you buy solutions that make sense that I have no direct financial reward as a result of. Like I said, my passion is to help you and your business succeed. Period.

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We have been working with Scott for the past several months now, and he has been very helpful to us with his advise and suggestions to increase traffic to our website, and to improve our overall marketing efforts for our products. He has even taken time out of his busy schedule to come in to our office and sit in on conference calls we have had with other marketing companies, in order to help us determine if the services they offer would be beneficial for us to use as well. It is obvious that he always goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to taking care of his clients. He has been a valuable asset to us, and we look forward to continue using his services. I would recommend Scott to anyone who is in need of excellent advise, and desirous of enhancing their marketing endeavors.

Chuck Sanderson

Vice-President/Owner, Superior Manufacturing Corp.

I've worked with Scott to build public relations promotions for a mutual client. Scott's unrivaled willingness to serve in the best interest of his stations' clients make him an ideal marketing partner. 

He is attuned to the needs of his clients and offers valuable insight in extending their marketing dollars. When a client offers ideas of their own, Scott works to find the resources within his radio group to make the program work, often at great lengths. With Scott, the answer is seldom, "No," but rather, "How can we get to yes?"

Andy Fuller

Director of Strategic Content at University of Notre Dame

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