Do You Have A Marketing Measuring Stick?

Three questions that apply to everyone and nearly everything: Do you set goals? Do you set up a plan to meet those goals? Do you meet or exceed those goals?   You can ask those same questions to a high school freshman, a college freshman, or a 50 year old and you will be able…

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How Does Social Media Fit in Marketing Your Business?

Years ago, a friend of mine named Anthony gave a presentation on the power of Word of Mouth via Facebook. It opened a lot of eyes. Businesses that were looking to advertise and get more customers started to rethink the way they were doing things with traditional advertising methods like radio, television, newspapers and magazines,…

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Step Up Your Online Customer Experience

The other day I shared an article that urged you to consider how customer focused you and your business are. Today, a deeper dig into some specifics.  This great insight from Laurie Petersen arrived in my inbox from Mediapost this week about improvements each of us need to make to create a more friendly customer…

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