Generating New Ideas.

Solving Big Problems.

It doesn’t matter if you are a start up or entering your 2nd century of business.

In today’s world you need someone who is on top of the current trends and also has the insight to know how all the pieces fit.

Not just for the moment, but with an eye on your future.

Timeless and timely, ready to serve as I have for a few decades.

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Connections and invitations. That’s the basics of advertising and marketing.

I write and publish a weekly story about media and marketing, also available as a podcast.  Indulge and learn.

I also sell advertising and marketing solutions with WOWO Radio based in Fort Wayne Indiana and Federated Media Digital Services.

Human Relationship Principles form the timeless foundation of your marketing, so that’s where we’ll start.

Then we will use the tools of today to create, connect and deliver to the people you want to invite to you and your business.

ScLoHo Online

In 2005, under the ScLoHo moniker, I began writing and producing media and marketing articles to help ordinary business people. This continues every week, and now includes a podcast version.

Read, Listen, Subscribe and Share.

Advertising on WOWO Radio

Yes, I can sell you ads on News/Talk WOWO radio.  However, let’s have a real conversation about what you want to acomplish and plan a real campaign after considering your goals first.

Online Digital Marketing

While I  have a complete portfolio of online digital marketing solutions available via Federated Media’s Digital Division, let’s see what might be best for your business goals.

I’ll likely suggest ideas that I can’t sell you but can guide you to who can help.

The ScLoHo Weekly Media and Marketing Updates

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The Words of Friends & Advertising Partners

Hint: Advertising Partners = Friends in my world & they said it best, (on Linkedin):

“We have been working with Scott for the past several years, and he has been very helpful to us with his advise and suggestions to increase traffic to our website, and to improve our overall marketing efforts for our products. He has even taken time out of his busy schedule to come in to our office and sit in on conference calls we have had with other marketing companies, in order to help us determine if the services they offer would be beneficial for us to use as well. It is obvious that he always goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to taking care of his clients. He has been a valuable asset to us, and we look forward to continue using his services. I recommend Scott to anyone who is in need of excellent advise, and desirous of enhancing their marketing endeavors.”

Chuck Sanderson

Vice-President/Owner, Superior Manufacturing Corp.

“Scott is not your typical media salesperson. In fact, this is precisely what makes him a true genius at what he does. Scott daily puts to work his 20+ years in the industry to not just sell you his products, but instead to come alongside you, seeking first to understand your exposure process and then, and only then, does Scott determine the plan that fits in the often budgetary constraints of the small-medium sized business owner.

It is through Scott’s diligent questions, thoughtful responses, and understanding of the ever-changing trends in the marketplace that makes him second-to-none!”

T.J. Wagner

LinkedIn Trainer & Social Strategist to Businesses and Sales Personnel, Wagner Success

“Ever helpful, Scott is one of the first people I turn to for advice about media. He’s glad to help and is very giving of his time and talent.”

Amber Foster Bouthot

Managing Director at Fort Wayne Children's Choir

“Scott has the uncommon ability to merge traditional principles of sales and marketing with current technologies. He moves people to action without having to push them to it. I enjoy his open and unselfish sharing approach to both online and offline engagement.”

Kevin Mullett

“Scott is very different than most media sales reps. Scott isn’t focused on what he can try to sell, but what he can learn about the needs of a business. Once he has the information, Scott then provides honest and on point marketing recommendations. A true marketer.”

Brad Corner

“I’ve worked with Scott to build public relations promotions for a mutual client. Scott’s unrivaled willingness to serve in the best interest of his stations’ clients make him an ideal marketing partner.

He is attuned to the needs of his clients and offers valuable insight in extending their marketing dollars. When a client offers ideas of their own, Scott works to find the resources within his radio group to make the program work, often at great lengths. With Scott, the answer is seldom, “No,” but rather, “How can we get to yes?”

Andy Fuller

Director of Strategic Content at University of Notre Dame

“Scott’s tenacity and dedication to the world of radio and marketing is impressive. His passion to help clients and make connections for others has always impressed me. He’s a true believer in giving, concern and good business ethics!”

Heather Smith

“Scott has grown to become not just a business acquaintance but a friend, colleague and mentor! I’ve known Scott for several years and greatly appreciate his out-of-the-box creativity. Scott is an extremely competent relational sales person who in my personal opinion is always concerned about relationship development and seeking solutions before signing a deal and writing a check.

Scott is also a great teacher. He listens first and then answers questions. Thank you, Scott!”

Paul Hawkins

“I worked with Scott at Crawford Broadcasting early in my career. Even now, 20 years later, I can still remember his creative commercials and his easy way with clients. If I was a business owner, I would want him to be my sales person, as I would be assured of a creative campaign handled by a competent, even tempered account exec. I miss working with him!!!”

Diane DeVries

“I met Scott in my first radio job back in 2006 and he’s someone I looked up to. Scott is well-connected in our community and I believe it’s attributed of his attitude of “What can I do to help?” or “Who do I know that can help this person with (xyz)?” I’ve seen Scott in enough client meetings to know his process WORKS. As Scott’s client, you are involved in the process to create a collaborative solution, when other salespeople are just trying to sell you something. Scott is there to educate, inform, guide, and collaborate. I highly recommend him. Most importantly, you can count on Scott to always deliver on what he says he’s going to do.”

Ben Saurer

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