About Scott Howard aka ScLoHo

Scott Howard is ScLoHo.

Or is it the other way around?

First, an answer to the most asked question, How do you pronounce ScLoHo?

Think of it as two syllables: “Sclow-hoe”.  That was easy, right?

Scott Howard aka ScLoHo grew up in the midwest and has had a successful career in radio broadcasting.

Started on the air, moving into programming, creating commercials and evolving into the business side.

I started in the advertising and marketing world while working for a radio station in Detroit creating advertising campaigns and marketing plans.

Fast forward nearly 25 years and I was back in my home town with exceptional experience in advertising sales, management, marketing, consulting, teaching, mentoring and formed ScLoHo Marketing Solutions as a separate business outside of broadcasting.

I also left broadcasting a couple of times to work full time for a website development firm and another time to take over the social media department for an internet retailer with annual sales of $50 million.

My return to radio at the end of 2013 is also an opportunity to combine both my radio background with my digital media background.

But what is a ScLoHo?

ScLoHo began as a distinctive email address using the first 2 letters of my first, middle and last name.

Over the years ScLoHo became an online identity as I launched several websites and became more and more active in the Social Media world.

In October 2011, this website, ScottHoward.me was launched as the new home for these former blogs.

ScLoHo’s Collective Wisdom started in 2004 with advertising, marketing, media and sales information from others.

The Not-So-Secret Writings of ScLoHo also contains advertising, marketing, media and sales information, but from me, not others.

ScLoHo’s Really started as a personal website and was also the home of the Ft. Wayne Site of the Day.

ScLoHo’s Social Media Adventure was  launched at the beginning of 2011 and includes 200 articles, some written by myself and a few written by others.

Feel free to visit the old websites with the understanding that they are basically archives of over 11,000 articles and posts spanning from 2004 to 2011.


All the opinions and articles posted on this site are those of Scott Howard aka ScLoHo and the respective authors and sources identified in each story and this is completely independent of my employer.

So there.


Your comments, and questions are always welcome too!