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Take Your Marketing To The Streets

Last month, my wife and I hit the road for a long Memorial Day weekend visit to see my son Josh and his wife Madeline.  They moved from Indiana to South Carolina a couple years ago and we were looking forward to seeing their new place and enjoying the weekend including some beach time at…
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June 15, 2017 0

Till Death Do Us Part… A Mother’s Day Love Story

Everyone has their favorite stories about their Mom for Mother’s Day and Dad for Father’s Day that they will share on Facebook. I want to do a couple of things differently. My parent’s love story is summed up in what happened in 1998 on Mother’s Day weekend. My parents met in the 1950’s when he…
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May 14, 2017 0

The Shower & God

I don’t know about you, but there are certain times that my mind clears and when that happens it is eye opening. Mowing the yard can be one of those times, but that’s only part of the year. Often I take time to take the road less traveled in my daily commute. I get to…
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April 14, 2017 0

What’s a ScLoHo?

At the end of 2016, I was preparing to launch a podcast version of the weekly articles I have been writing and  publishing on The Genuine ScLoHo website and this is the very first episode that you can also listen to. Here’s the link to this episode.   Now that we have all the details taken…
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March 14, 2017 1