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‘Really? The Personal ScLoHo’ Category

  1. What’s a ScLoHo?


    March 14, 2017 by Scott Howard

    At the end of 2016, I was preparing to launch a podcast version of the weekly articles I have been …
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  2. It’s Not WHO YOU Know, It’s Who KNOWS YOU


    March 7, 2017 by Scott Howard

    The last few months I’ve noticed something that may have been going on longer than just the last few months. …
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  3. Facebook Hacking or Twinning?


    February 27, 2017 by Scott Howard

    The term Hacking or Hacked is getting a bad rap. And a lot of times the term is misused. Today, …
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  4. The Mystery of Love and Other Relationships


    February 12, 2017 by Scott Howard

    Sunday morning, the sun is shining through the coffee shop window and the usual suspects are here, including me. There …
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  5. Sharing the Good Stuff on Social Media


    February 1, 2017 by Scott Howard

    In 2016 (and probably before), many of my friends noticed that their Facebook Newsfeeds was being filled divisive, argumentative and …
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