How I Can Help You Invite People To Give You Money

About 18 months ago I wrote a list of some of the advertising options I offered as a member of the WOWO Radio Advertising Sales Team. Time for a fresh spin and update and if you want to listen to the podcast version instead, click here or scroll down to the end of this article. […]


Do You Have A Marketing Measuring Stick?

Three questions that apply to everyone and nearly everything: Do you set goals? Do you set up a plan to meet those goals? Do you meet or exceed those goals?   You can ask those same questions to a high school freshman, a college freshman, or a 50 year old and you will be able […]


How to Convert $1 into $10 with your Marketing

I just finished reading an article on Medium about Influencer Marketing that claims, For Every $1 Spent on Influencer Marketing, A Brand Makes $6.50. But they are wrong. I’m not doubting the facts and figures they present, but I doubt that the return is what they say it is. It’s too low. But it’s impossible to […]


How WOWO Radio & Digital Marketing Solutions Work

I have an incredible job.  I get to help businesses succeed. My area of expertise is marketing, media and advertising, something I’ve been doing in Fort Wayne since 2003 and actually for a couple decades before that. Many businesses struggle with not having enough customers and they don’t know the most effective way to invite […]


The Power of Partnering

As I was preparing to write this a few days ago, so many examples came to mind, actually flooded my mind that I am going to limit the focus and let you expound and apply it to your situation. The Power of Partnering is a Human Relationship Principle. When two people find ways to work […]