Till Death Do Us Part… A Mother’s Day Love Story

Everyone has their favorite stories about their Mom for Mother’s Day and Dad for Father’s Day that they will share on Facebook. I want to do a couple of things differently. My parent’s love story is summed up in what happened in 1998 on Mother’s Day weekend. My parents met in the 1950’s when he […]


The Mystery of Love and Other Relationships

Sunday morning, the sun is shining through the coffee shop window and the usual suspects are here, including me. There are the families with little ones that are learning to walk and talk. The gang that racks their brain over the crossword puzzle in the paper. The older guys talking politics, not just national stuff […]


He Would Have Been 85 Today

My Dad passed away in 1998, the day after Mother’s Day.  People commented at the funeral that he was young.  He was 67 and it really didn’t strike me as young. But today would have been his 85th Birthday and I know a few folks who are around that age and I wonder. Wonder what […]


6 down, 6 to go…

I wrote these words on Wednesday night, the first of July but saved them for the weekend. We have wrapped up 6 months of 2015 with less than 6 months until 2016 and all around me the world is changing. I’m not talking about the political world, cultural world or any of those things that […]


Friday Randomness

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would update my series on Advertising with WOWO Radio that I first shared in February.   It’s coming, I assure you. However this month I have been writing articles that delve into the personal side more frequently.  That’s fine, I have no one to answer to when […]