Are You Trusted?

You can now LISTEN to these articles on the ScLoHo Media & Marketing Podcast!  Here’s a link to this weeks episode. In the beginning,  I mean very beginning, some say thousands of years, others claim millions of years, depending on your belief system about the origins of mankind, there was a certain element of the […]


Is Your Business Trustworthy?

Awhile ago an article about Baby Boomers and  Advertising arrived in my email and I saved a portion to share today with a disclaimer… This advice applies to all generations and the real question you and I need to answer is, Is Your Business Trustworthy?  10 Ways To Build Boomers’ Trust 1. Make a long-term […]


Advertise for Results Today and Influence Tomorrow

Word of Mouth Advertising with a Bigger Mouth. That’s the way I’ve described effective radio ads for decades that are taking advantage of the power of the influence of a radio station and the station personalities as a trust conduit. On my station, WOWO radio in Fort Wayne, Charly and Pat do live endorsement ads […]


Good Things Happen When Consumers Trust You

As an ongoing student of human relationship principles in marketing, I try to be observant.  Sometimes, I see anecdotal evidence, other times things just fall in my lap, or email. Recently MarketingCharts.com sent me an email that included this chart. Take a look and learn.  You can also click on it and read the story from […]


Stop Offering Discounts & Make More Money

Contrary to my thrifty consumer desires, I want you to stop doing something. Stop offering discounts. There are only certain specific businesses that should discount their stuff and only at certain times.  These are retailers but not all of them and not all of the time.  We’ll talk about them one day. I subscribe to […]