Technology Doesn’t Matter, Sort of

Man, am I going to catch some heat on this one. Unless you read all the way through this piece. But if you are all about the tech and ignore the rest, you may win for a moment, but not forever. What am I talking about? My usual stuff, marketing, media, advertising and wait for […]


3 Social Media Marketing Musts

Last week I saw a new furniture store in Fort Wayne pop up on Twitter.  They did about 4 tweets including pictures of some one-of-a-kind pieces that caught my attention.  They mentioned their hours in another tweet and invited people to stop in. One thing was missing however. Their location was not listed in their […]


Is Going Viral a Successful Marketing Tactic?

See this picture? My daughter shared it on her Facebook page Monday night. Actually she shared a post from the Facebook page of the Roanoke Village Inn that included this picture.  She and her family lived a few blocks from there before they moved west. I saw the picture and shared it on Twitter Tuesday […]


How Do You Pronounce ScLoHo?

How Do You Pronounce ScLoHo?

For #ThrowBackThursday, a reposting of an article I wrote 3 years ago: It seemed so simple to me. ScLoHo. Google it and 99.99% of the time you’ll find some reference to me. That was the purpose of creating the word scloho. But yesterday I was reminded that even some very good friends of mine don’t […]


Does Online Privacy Matter Anymore?

Welcome to the first full week of 2015! While you were away focused on Christmas, New Years, and what ever other end of the year stuff was going on in your life, there have been a few changes in your online privacy that might have slipped by. The big one that has some folks worried […]