Is Your Business Homeless?

Today we’re going to talk about your business credibility, or at least a part of it. Is Your Business Homeless? Before the internet, most businesses had what are known as brick and mortar locations, a storefront or at least a physical location. There were some exceptions, but for the vast majority of businesses, your physical […]


Is Your Business Still Operating Like It’s 1999?

It’s hard to believe the first couple of months of 2017 are over. At the end of 1999, I was working on the air at a local radio station and there’s a recording of me (called an air-check), talking about the Prince song 1999. When that song came out in 1982, I played in the […]


Technology Doesn’t Matter, Sort of

Man, am I going to catch some heat on this one. Unless you read all the way through this piece. But if you are all about the tech and ignore the rest, you may win for a moment, but not forever. What am I talking about? My usual stuff, marketing, media, advertising and wait for […]


6 Marketing Essentials for Your Business in 2016 and Beyond

30 years ago I began my adventure into the world of advertising and marketing. I took a job in Detroit creating campaigns for radio advertising clients. I’ve spoken to 100’s of business owners, managers,and entrepreneurs. I’ve interviewed the customers, clients, front-line workers and support staff. And I’m still learning. My definition of marketing is everything […]


Why Does a Radio Guy Also Sell Digital Marketing Solutions?

It’s a question that some people ask out loud and others may not ask me directly but they are thinking, “Why Does a Radio Guy Also Sell Digital Marketing Solutions?” Excellent question. Here’s the answer. My background is in radio. ¬†From the time I was 16 until I was 26, I loved being on the […]