The debate continues.

Mostly in my own mind.

How often should I add an article to my website?

I really wasn’t doing it for anyone but myself, however others grew dependent on the  daily updates.

But as I have mentioned before, I have already cut back from the frantic pace I was doing a few years ago with 30 to 40 blog updates per week on 3 or 4 different blogs.

So, next week, I will commit to 3 per week.

Oh sure, there could be more, if I feel like it.

Or if there is something of significance that needs to be added in addition to the three.

The recap of the TEDxFortWayne Videos will continue on Friday’s instead of Saturdays starting tomorrow.

“But why?” says a small voice from the back of the room.

Of those multiple daily updates I used to do on my blogs, 40% were written by others and reposted by me.

Some of those updates were a week old or older but not highly publicized until I reposted them and gave them additional exposure by tweeting links to my site.  Same with LinkedIn and Facebook.  If I was active on Google+ and Pinterest, I would be posting links.

Now I am using Buffer App to set up direct links from my Twitter account to the original article online.

And that’s the way I’m going to roll for awhile.