30 years ago I began my adventure into the world of advertising and marketing. I took a job in Detroit creating campaigns for radio advertising clients.

I’ve spoken to 100’s of business owners, managers,and entrepreneurs. I’ve interviewed the customers, clients, front-line workers and support staff. And I’m still learning.

My definition of marketing is everything that presents you and your business to your “marketplace”. Your “marketplace” includes your current, past and future customers and clients. It also includes influencers who may not buy from you, but they have the power to influence those that will.

Number 1: You have to get your entire business moving in the same direction to create harmony and forward momentum. Think Big Picture. Really BIG PICTURE. All of your employees need to know what the mission is and that each one of them is responsible for contributing.

Number 2: You need to create a long term identity that will define who you are in all economic climates. This identity, also called your Brand, will not change over time, it will only be adapted.

Number 3: Your brand and your mission will be known by your customers and clients. If you are unsure what your brand is, perhaps you need to ask your customers and see if you are both on the same page.

Number 4: You need your own website. Not a Facebook page, you need something that you control. In 2016 if you don’t have your own website, you don’t exist as a legitimate business.

Number 5: You need a presence on Facebook. This is not a contradiction of number 4. Social Media is a communication tool. Your website is to show that you are real. Odds are Social Media will be just as important as your website, but for a different reason. Think of it this way. A retail store is like a website. Social Media is like a phone number. See the link?

And Number 6: You will need to optimize your website for mobile. More people access the web via smartphones than laptops. This means smaller screens and if you have not created a mobile version of your online presence you will eventually be behind your competitors.

Do you agree with my list of 6? Are there others you would add?

By the way, I originally wrote this in 2011, except for a couple of date references, this list has been timeless.