This time of year reminds me of my late Uncle Carl. This shot was taken 10 years ago when they were visiting friends during Derby weekend.

Carl was famous for his practical jokes, his sense of humor and his faith. He actually lived a couple years longer than the doctors predicted with some serious health problems. My favorite story that he told me about 11 years ago was how he became a one eyed helicopter pilot. Back in his day, to become a pilot they had to take a vision test that included reading an eye chart.

So, he took his hand and covered his eye and read the chart perfectly. However he was blind in the other eye. When the military doc told him to read the chart with his other eye, he lowered his hand and put his other hand up covering the same eye and passed the test! A few months later, he did it again and got his helicopter pilots licence!

Thanks Uncle Carl for being a part of our lives!