A few years ago when I was claiming my spot on social media platforms, one of the accounts I snapped up was a Tumblr account.

Not that I needed another social media channel to fill, but I wanted to make sure no one else claimed http://scloho.tumblr.com/ and write stuff using the ScLoHo name.

Tumblr used to allow you to repost from other sites like Blogger which is what I did for a couple years since Blogger was my online home for all this webstuff I was doing.

Then Tumblr dropped those outside feeds and my Tumblr account sat dormant.

When I launched this website as a replacement for all those Blogger blogs I found a plugin that would send my daily updates to Tumblr so I started using it again.

Now the confession.

Why use Tumblr?  For me it was initially to see what effect it would have on my Klout score.

Yes, I know.  I don’t really care about my Klout score, yet here I was doing something that might give me some extra Klout.

I haven’t seen any noticeable change since I linked my now active Tumblr account to Klout in my Klout score.

But I have noticed that each time I mention I also have a Tumblr account, a few more folks follow it.

Go figure.