Word of Mouth Advertising with a Bigger Mouth.6e94e554b7b7e39ef803042aff61a90fe2196b0c9b95b4027f8dc795

That’s the way I’ve described effective radio ads for decades that are taking advantage of the power of the influence of a radio station and the station personalities as a trust conduit.

On my station, WOWO radio in Fort Wayne, Charly and Pat do live endorsement ads for some of our advertising partners and it is very effective.


Charly and Pat have earned the trust of their listeners and when they speak highly of the companies they endorse, it simple becomes Word of Mouth Advertising with a Bigger Mouth.

That trust factor applies to our live embedded news sponsorship messages too because WOWO radio has been around longer than most of our listeners, (over 90 years and 20 as a news talk station.)

The trust factor between WOWO and our listeners actually goes beyond our listeners because of this same Word of Mouth influence.

If my friend who does not listen to WOWO asks me for a recommendation for fixing ______ or buying _________ and I’ve heard about a business that advertises on WOWO, I’m going to pass along that business even if I never used them myself because of the Word of Mouth Trust Factor.

This goes beyond any measurable Return On Investment that a business can keep track of.  Your advertising with me on WOWO is an investment in results today and influence tomorrow.

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