Predictions are that Facebook will hit 100 pretty soon.

That’s 100 Billion.

100,000,000,000 Facebook users on this planet.


Oops, better revise that number to 1 Billion.  Thanks to my friend Ricky Potts for noting my mathematical error.  We are currently somewhere between 800 and 900 Million.



There are some internet marketing guru’s that will tell you Facebook is the answer to your online image problems, and that setting up a Facebook page for your business is all you need, not a website.

They are wrong.

With the exception of those who simply don’t have the funds to have their own website, no scratch that.  That’s not an excuse either.

I know someone who created a blog website that was generating nearly 20,000 visitors per week without spending a dime. His only investment was time.

But back to Facebook.

Why is it so popular?

Because of the connections and relationships.

Not because of the advertising or businesses pushing their goods on folks who “Like” them.

I’ve discovered that one of the most effective uses of Facebook for business is to use it as a conversation starter and point people to the answer they are looking for on your website.

That way you can continue to use Facebook as a customer service and relationship building tool and draw traffic to your website where you can invite them to actually do business with them.

Similar principles apply to the other social media channels.  Use them to enhance but not replace your online presence which should be your website on a domain that you own and can control.

Which points me back to your website.  Instead of dumping it, fix it.  Need help?  Call a pro.  Contact me and we’ll set you straight.