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Another Reason I Tweet…

May 9, 2012 ScLoHo's Web World 1

Yesterday I wrote about why I like Twitter as my preferred conversational social media platform.

But there are other reasons I like Twitter.

I like to share information.

I like to share silly stuff.

I like to promote others.

I like to provoke others.

I like to toss stuff out there and see what the reaction is.

But I also listen.

I listen a lot.

When you are following several hundred (or more) Tweeple, you have to listen.

Well, maybe you don’t have to, if you are a spammer or just trying to sell stuff, but I find that listening is key.

So, I tweet to share, and converse.  And Listen too.

Scott Howard aka ScLoHo has 25+ years of experience in marketing , advertising, media and works directly in the radio and digital world from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Contact him at or 260.255.4357.

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