Because you have access to the internet, you too can do stupid stuff.

But I wouldn’t recommend it.

The entry point in 2012 to creating a name for yourself is now lower than ever before.

Even if you don’t own a computer, in my city, Fort Wayne, Indiana, you can get online for an hour a day with a library card.

And with the rise of smartphones, you could actually do all you computing on your phone if you really want to.

But just because someone can, doesn’t mean they should.

And I caution you to beware of who you trust to represent you and your company or organization online.

Remember common sense isn’t always common and once you say something in an email, on social media, or in a video, it can not be erased from the web.

There are tools to find stuff even after you remove or delete content.

The best advice is to be cautious.  Check your emotions before you hit the button that sends that message into cyberspace.

Monday I was reading the email I received from Sonia Simone regarding 5 Lessons You Can Learn from a Breathtaking Customer Service Fail, which inspired this article.

Check it out for yourself including the links she included to the Just Wow post on Penny Arcade and the Chicago real estate firm that apparently was clueless in the customer service department.

The first step is to do a check up of your current online reputation.

My friend and co-worker Kevin Mullett wrote about this on the Cirrus ABS company blog which you really need to check out as soon as possible.

And feel free to contact me for help.