If someone is looking for your business because they want want to spend money with you, or at least consider spending money with you, can they find you?nothing-found

This is a problem with lots of businesses, big and small.

I have a friend who has a successful painting business that he’s been operating for over 30 years.  But you can’t find him unless you know exactly how to connect with him. There are a couple ways to spell his last name and he doesn’t have a website, his Facebook page has less than 100 likes, etc.

I also have friends who have had a successful business for nearly 16 years that does pretty good.  They are local owners of a world-wide franchise, so they can be found online. But they also launched a related side business and due to limited name recognition, they are not being found by people who want to hire them.  I know this because I got an email from someone who was looking for them, but didn’t remember the exact name of the company.  He tried to no avail but it was impossible.

Another friend who had decent exposure online, if you knew her name, but there was a Google Map listing that showed up with all the wrong contact information because she moved.  I learned this old listing was over 5 years old and who knows how many thousands of dollars she has lost because she was “hiding in plain sight”?

This is just 3 examples of a dozen I could mention off the top of my head that I’ve seen this year.  None of these people or businesses are out of business, yet…

I say yet, because the danger is there.  If people don’t know how to find you, how to connect with you or simply can’t because your online presence is missing, wrong or inaccurate, You need to fix it.FDS300

Too busy?  That’s a terrible excuse.  Don’t know how to fix it?  Hire a professional team that specialize in this.  I’ve got one at Federated Digital Solutions and we can help. Contact me now with a text or phone call to 260-255-4357 or email Scott@WOWO.com.