Multiple times in my life, I’ve gone against the common wisdom.

When I was a teen, the thinking was find a decent job, work for 40 years and then retire.

I rejected that as my fate.

Instead i followed a dream.

I worked in broadcasting.

One of the most unstable professions around was radio, yet I chased that dream and lived it.

Oh sure, there were ups and downs.  Getting canned for no fault of your own, just a change of heart by the owners, or a change of format.

One time I was in management at the age of 25 and that should have been secure, right?

It was until we were sold and the new owners kept everyone except management.

Lessons learned the hard way, are sometimes the best lessons to learn.

Seth Godin posted on his blog this week:

So many things are now completely up to us, more than ever before. Where and how and when we work and invest and interact and instruct and learn…

Which was one of the inspirations for what you are reading right now.

From 2003 thru 2011, I worked for a group of radio stations in Fort Wayne until I was the senior person there with the exception of 3 members of the air staff.

Over the years, I was in advertising sales, Sales Manager, Station Manager, even General Manager.

I always answered to someone, who decided my fate.

That is my fate within the confines of my employment.

But I was always in control of the big picture.

I walked away from that career to take on a new challenge last year.

And others around me, both family and friends have made life changes too.

The question is not who is in control of your life?

The real question is Are YOU taking Control of your life?

Years ago I took a Dale Carnegie course and one item that I always remember when making a decision is what is the worst that could happen?

Death?  Most of my decisions are not that final.  So everything else is a cake walk in comparison.

Sure, I’ve walked away from some pretty sweet deals and into the unknown because of a gut feeling.

But I know myself and understand what my options are.

I urge you to examine your life and open up your world to what matters to you.

Take Control.