Man, it seems like a lot of folks are going through tough times if you listen to some of the talking heads on the 24 hour cable news channels.

So many people suffering without a job, lack of health insurance, missing out on _______ or _________.

I realize that lots of people have lost their paychecks over the past few years and many have lost health insurance coverage because of lack of employment.

But the big question is What Do We Do About It?

We can get angry with our political leaders for the bickering that they do, for their stubbornness, for their jockeying for position and power.

But that is only going to keep us stuck and what we really need is an Attitude Adjustment.

We need to resolve to:

  • Become responsible for our actions
  • Become responsible for our own happiness
  • Become honest with ourselves
  • Stop waiting for others to change and become change agents ourselves

And this also includes:

  • Reaching out to others that we can help, not just with handouts but with guidance, mentoring and some “Tough Love”.
  • Looking for the common bonds instead of points of division.
  • A daily, (sometimes hourly) commitment to be a truly optimistic person even when our world around us seems to be turning into manure.
  • Forgiveness, both of ourselves and others.

It’s not easy.

However I have seen in my own life and those around me with friends and family the difference that this inward change can make despite outside circumstances.

Let’s make 2012 the best possible.