About 18 months ago I wrote a list of some of the advertising options I offered as a member of the WOWO Radio Advertising Sales Team.

Time for a fresh spin and update and if you want to listen to the podcast version instead, click here or scroll down to the end of this article.

Today let’s cut to the chase of what I do and why we should talk…

How Scott Howard Can Help You Invite People To Give You Money would be the title, but I prefer not talking about myself in the third person.

How I Can Help You Invite People To Give You Money is more my style.

On the surface, I sell radio advertising on WOWO Radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana which is pretty cool.

Some people I sell ads to just want that.  I want to buy some radio commercials, they say.  That’s it, nothing more, just tell me how much it will cost and let’s get to work.

I can do that and I will do that if that is really what they want.  It all depends on the person at the other end.

If they are a media buyer or marketing director for a big company and they know what they are doing with advertising and marketing, then I’ll give them what they want with some insider knowledge about the characteristics of the WOWO audience.

However 90% of the time, the real issue is not that simple.

Business owners want customers and they are willing to do almost anything, including having a guy dress up in a dirty chicken costume, standing at the side of the road, waving at passing cars just to attract attention in the hopes that some of those people will pull over and buy something.  If you missed that story, here’s a link.

Radio advertising on WOWO is a different animal than radio advertising on most other stations.  Why?

WOWO is a news/talk formatted radio station and most of the others are music formatted radio stations. Listeners to news/talk are less irritated by commercials than music station listeners for one.  I also have more options and opportunities to create a bond between the listeners and the local personalities on WOWO and I can leverage that bond to include the businesses that advertise on WOWO.

One day I’ll dig further into how that works, but after 3 1/2 years as a WOWO insider, I have seen and heard some amazing things pertaining to the effectiveness of WOWO radio ads that blows me away.

Remember, the topic today is: How I Can Help You Invite People To Give You Money.

We’re not limited to just the people who listen to the radio commercials on WOWO because our parent company, Federated Media has also invested in the digital world of advertising and marketing too with our Federated Digital Solutions division.

Honestly, I took a skeptic stance at our digital division when I joined a few years ago because I have experience in the online world, both in website design and development and the social media side too.

I wanted to make sure that anything I offered was the best for the investment spent for the companies I was talking with.  And I have discovered some more pretty cool things we offer in the digital world that allow me to Help You Invite People To Give You Money.

On the digital side, I am running campaigns that reach across the country and some are pinpointed to specific cities that are beyond the reach of WOWO Radio, but are targeted to the right people in the location that my advertising partners wants to invite to give him money.

I have the success stories to back this up too whether it’s radio or digital or a combination.

One thing I offer that is unique among my WOWO Radio sales team coworkers is the connections to others that can help with your business marketing outside of what you can buy from me.  My connections seem to go pretty deep and wide and beyond just marketing services but into other aspects of running your company.

Oh and there is another category of marketing tools I have at my finger tips that can actually create a list of Hot Leads, people who have given us their contact information because they have Opted In to be contacted and yes, they want to give you money.

By the way the whole premise of people giving you money in this article is not necessarily money for nothing, it’s people who want to buy what you have to sell.

Ready to see how this could work for you?

Want to see specifically How I Can Help You Invite People To Give You Money?

Let’s talk.