There is an issue that these two social media platforms are having difficulty with.


Facebook is being looked at as their stock prices fall, as a potential bust.

Now, more than ever before, the Social Media Giant that Zuck created to get a date, is under pressure to grow in value on the stock market.

Personally, I think it was wrong to go public and stay public right now.

There is a problem regarding the shift from the desktop/laptop environment to the mobile/smartphone/tablet environment that is going on and is out of the control of Facebook.

Facebook makes money by selling ads.

The smaller screens of mobile devices are not ad friendly.

So until Facebook comes up with a way to address this issue, there will be problems.  And unhappy stock holders.

Twitter on the other hand, has been trying to figure out a way to actually earn some bucks instead of relying on venture capital for survival.

Twitter tried to control the Tweet market by buying Tweetdeck and other social media applications that we use in conjunction with Twitter, but it’s not really working. The theory was if we control the stream of tweets, we can also sell ad-tweets and push them to the Tweeps.

It’s not working.

So will Twitter and Facebook disappear due to money problems?

I doubt it.  They have too many fans and followers, (users) who rely on them.

But still they have to make money.

Seth Godin wrote a few ideas recently regarding how Twitter can start bringing in the big bucks.

Basically, Seth suggests Twitter offer a premium Twitter experience for a small fee of $10 a month.

Read Seth’s idea here.

If Twitter takes his advice, Twitter will stay the same for most of us, and they will start operating in the black.  This will give them a healthier future than Facebook.

What do you think?