What’s better, the lowest price or the best quality?

Cat Crap Stuff

Cat Crap Stuff

It depends, and it’s entirely up to you.

This Monday Money stems from a conversation I had with a friend about cat litter.

He noticed that in Sundays paper the price ranged from 9 to 15 dollars for 20 pounds of poop powder.

By the way, this friend does not yet own a cat, he’s just considering it and figuring out the cost.

For the past dozen years my wife and I have had 1 or two cats and I’m the cat litter guy.

I told him, forget the price, all of the brands he was looking at are inferior to the Arm & Hammer brand I usually buy.

He thought I was crazy.  After all this is the stuff that your cat pees and poops in and then you throw it away. What difference does quality make?

Quality regarding cat litter means odor control.  It also relates to how often I have to scoop the poop and how often I have to do a complete change.

Spending $10 on a bargain brand of the stuff versus $20 on the litter I buy would be foolish if you truly count the cost in pure dollars.  My $20 box is going to last more than double the days the cheap stuff lasts. Add in the other factors I mentioned and it’s easy to see why I spend more to save both money and time.

As you are looking for ways to spend less or make your money stretch further, I challenge you to go beyond the price and also consider the other factors.  Perhaps you’ll uncover, like I did a few surprises that at first glance appear counter to saving, but are hidden values.